How does this work?


1. Sends an invite to your provided email address with private access the manuscript of Arbiter on Google Drive. Each chapter is a separate Google Doc.
You can access the full chapter list in the email invitation, or you can search for specific chapters by going to and searching for "Arbiter" in the search bar.

4. Lists your first name in the acknowledgements section of Arbiter.

6. Mails you an autographed first edition as soon as the paperback version is released (May 3, 2017)!




2. Enjoy reading Arbiter until April 9. This is when edits are due, and I will have to move foward with inputting edits and formatting the book for publication.

3. Leave comments by selecting text and right-clicking it. Give your honest feelings, suggestions, and constructive criticism (no matter how big or small)!

Don't feel pressured to leave tons of comments, but I'd love to hear anything and everything you'd like to say. Please leave at least one comment with your overall thoughts at the bottom of each chapter where it says "Beta Team."

You will see comments from my Alpha Team, but some have been removed to avoid spoilers. Feel free to respond to other people's comments!

TIP: If you want a cleaner read without the yellow highlighting of everyone's comments, find the green button that says "Suggesting" at the top right-hand corner of your screen and select "Viewing."

5. Write an honest review on and Keep in mind that the majority of your changes will be reflected in the final version, and that what you read was the unedited first draft. 🙂



You will receive an email from Google Drive. Each chapter of Arbiter is a separate Google Doc, and there will be links to each one in this email.

You can also find any chapter by searching for “Arbiter” in your Google Drive.

Haven’t received this email? Let me know at

When you’re inside a chapter Google Doc, you can select any piece of text and right click it. A menu will come up—select ‘Comment’ and type out your thoughts, then hit the ‘Comment’ button when you’re done to post it.

Don’t be afraid to give your honest opinion! No suggestion is too big or too small.

All kinds! If you think a scene is moving too fast or too slow, if you absolutely hate or love a character, if you find a spelling or grammatical error, if you detest a situation, if you can visualize the setting, if something made you laugh or cry… let me know! I have iron skin. I promise.

If you want to say something critical, just be constructive and offer suggestions. I have iron skin, I promise. Just don’t be vague–I will need specifics to understand and fix your issue. 🙂

I also want to know your general thoughts at the end of each chapter—namely, if you aren’t having fun and want to stop reading or you’re having a blast and can hardly stop to comment.

Your feedback is priceless—it is either the criticism I need to improve or the encouragement I need to keep writing. So don’t hold back! 🙂

Then definitely let me know what turned you off, and feel no pressure to keep reading! The purpose of my writing is to entertain. The last thing I want is for you to be reading something you don’t like!

No prob! Life happens, and I totally get that. If you need to stop reading, don’t sweat it. Just let me know so I can unsubscribe you from beta reader emails and stop buggin’ ya.

Depending on how far you got in the story and whether or not you left reviews anyway, I might or might not mention your name in the acknowledgments section or send you an autographed first edition.