Epic fantasy with elementals & royals: The award-winning Katrosi Revolution series

Book 1: Emberhawk


The elementals have decided they’re gods, and humans are nothing but fuel for their fire.

Book 2: Silverblood

Novel, 2022 Realm Award winner

The Jade Witch sacrifices everything to save her people from one enemy—by forging an alliance with another.

Book 3: Lotusfall


Descended from false gods, the Lotusfall maneuver in the shadows to defy their forefathers and protect humans from immortal tyrants.

Book 4: Coming Soon


The paths of the heroes converge in a desperate attempt to save their world in the finale of The Katrosi Revolution series.

Dystopian sci-fi/fantasy with angelic gifts: The Sentinel Trilogy

Prequel: Exorcist

Short Story

Exorcist by Jamie Foley

Zekk Sorrowsong can’t remember how long he’s been a slave, but he can’t remember anything else, either. 

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Book 1: Sentinel


When a meteor storm knocks out the power grid, the supernaturally gifted become pawns in humanity’s struggle for survival.

Book 2: Arbiter


Arbiter by Jamie Foley

Archangels return to Alani, creating a new generation of Serrans… for a price.

Book 3: Sage


Ancient elementals awaken, fracturing a dying world to its core.

Book 4: Vanguard

Before the Storm Novella

Six years before the storm of Sentinel, Sorvashti is a captive. Jet is a soldier. Both harness the primal power of aether.

Short stories

Steampunk Fairy Tales, Volume III

Short story anthology

The Elves and the Synth-Maker
by Jamie Foley

A retelling of the classic story, The Elves and the Shoemaker.

The Sun Still Rises

Short story anthology

Crimson Stain 
by Jamie Foley

A story of sacrifice and redemption.

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The Busy Mom’s Guide to Novel Marketing

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