The aether gifts

By |2021-04-20T10:58:22-06:00May 1st, 2017|Behind the Scenes, Maps & Magic, The Sentinel Trilogy|

The final aether gifts are revealed in The Sentinel Trilogy book 2: Arbiter, releasing this Wednesday, May 3! Grab your copy for Amazon Kindle or signed paperback! Here's a sneak-peek of the aether gifts portion of the glossary...   AETHER The energy source for spiritual gifts. It is generated by one’s soul and is invisible, [...]

Tera’s bracelet

By |2017-05-17T09:35:22-06:00March 4th, 2015|Behind the Scenes, Blog, The Sentinel Trilogy|

If you have a hard time envisioning Tera's iconic bracelet, I'm not going to tell you how you should imagine it... but it was based off of the image above. My mom bought me this bracelet a few years ago, along with one for herself and both of my younger sisters. We each bear a [...]

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