robots won't steal my job

It’s taken ten years of world building, one year of writing and a ridiculous amount of moral support, but I finally finished writing my first novel, Sentinel, just hours ago.

And it feels oh so very good.

If you’ve had an idea that’s been collecting dust for far too long, or if people have ever encouraged you to write, just do it. Just sit down and write!

God will support you. Friends and family will support you. Fellow writers will support you. You can do it, and when you do the rewards will be so worth the effort.

I have to thank my husband, Keanan, who has been my alpha reader and constant source of support. I could never have completed Sentinel without his honest opinions, critiques, and doe-eyed awe.

Also, to anyone who has read the first three chapters on this website and encouraged me—Justin Lowmaster, Jac Gossett, Pastor Jeremy and Michelle Walloch, Laurie Grube, Arden Baltzell, Lori Schultz, Juli McCroskey and more—thank you. You’re priceless.

Sentinel will now go through a month-long editing process with three beta readers and many sleepless nights. Keep an eye out—my goal is to be published on the Amazon Kindle in December 2013!