The bad news

Well, I really hate to say it, but I have some bad news. I have decided to delay the release of Silverblood.

2020 is the pits. We’re sick of everything being delayed. And I hate to add to the pile of disappointment. I’m sorry.

Essentially my delay comes down to the schools being closed. My job title abruptly turned from author to homeschooling mom for our 6-year-old bundle of energy. (I also work as a typesetter for Enclave Publishing and The Christian Writers Institute, and the fearless leader of Fayette Press.) The time I had available to write every day evaporated. And if that wasn’t bad enough, there have also been delays in every other corner of the publishing industry, especially with printers and audiobooks.

I could force myself to work over the holidays, but I’d rather take more time to give it my all. I want the finished product to be the best I can make it rather than something that feels rushed. Something that my fans will crave and not mind waiting for.

Which would you prefer? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

The good news

As an apology, I’m including 3 unique tea bags in each pre-order. These teas are mentioned in Silverblood and are an important aspect of the story. I’m purchasing them from Adagio teas, and it’s difficult to express how delightful they are!

I NEED THE TEA. How can I get some?

Just pre-order a paperback or hardcover copy of Silverblood from You’ll also get a signed copy on or before release day and a bunch of other swag including a map, a bookmark, character art cards, and more. It’s also $5 off for pre-orders only!

I already pre-ordered Silverblood! How do I get my tea?

If you’ve already pre-ordered a paperback or hardcover, you don’t need to do anything–your tea will be included with your signed copy and the rest of your swag.

If you pre-ordered a Kindle copy, unfortunately the Kindle listing will be cancelled and you will automatically receive a refund. You will be able to order Silverblood for Kindle again when it is released. Send me an email at with your mailing address and your Amazon receipt to receive your tea and a little extra swag with a handwritten note from me.

I pre-ordered Silverblood but I don’t want it anymore. Can I get a refund?

Yes. Send me an email at with your details for a full refund.

If you pre-ordered a Kindle copy, the Kindle listing will be cancelled and you will automatically receive a refund.

What’s the new release date for Silverblood?

Unfortunately I’m not sure about an exact date at this time, but it will be released in 2021. Stay tuned to the newsletter for updates!