Lotusfall: The Katrosi Revolution book 3
Series: The Katrosi Revolution, Book 3
Genres: Epic Fantasy, Fantasy, Romantic Suspense, Young Adult
Tag: Books by Jamie Foley
Publication Year: 2024

Descended from false gods, the Lotusfall maneuver in the shadows to defy their forefathers and protect humans from immortal tyrants.

About the Book

Thrones have been toppled and battles won, but the war of the gods is only just beginning.

The heir to the wolf-tyrant

Faced with a heritage of violence, Rhu Sousuke lives in defiance of his father’s evil—and his inherited attraction to elemental power.

His adoptive father offers a better path. But with the blood of false gods burning through his veins, can Sousuke harness enough power to protect Imperial Princess Vylia and simultaneously resist the temptation that corrupted his ancestors?

The Jade Witch

The Darkwood seek justice for their fallen kin. Together at last but on the run, Brooke and Lysander flee Jadenvive in the midst of political turmoil. Determined to aid her people even while facing rejection, Brooke chooses to trust Felix’s directive to locate Lillian’s ancient vault and steal her most prized possession—the future-seeing dreamcatcher. 

The lady god-slayer

Kira found everything she never knew she wanted. Now, the choice remains: hide with Ryon and pray for the war to end favorably, or risk it all to do what is right.