Itching to get your hands on Viper, the prequel to The Sentinel Trilogy? Well now, Christmas is here early!

Sorvashti is a captive. Jet is a soldier. Both harness the primal power of aether.

The war is over, but the Revoth want their land back. Kidnapping, ransom, and slavery fund their terrorism, but bombing Jet’s hometown was the final straw.

Viper Unit is dispatched to take the Revoth down. But the special forces have no need for a mind-reading ‘fairy’—unless Jet can prove himself as a sniper.

Sorvashti’s clan demands she take one of the seven oaths, but her father’s political status has already chosen for her—and made her a prime target for ransom.

When Jet and Sorvashti meet behind enemy lines, revenge intertwines with survival… and a spark between them neither can ignore.



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