Game of Thrones inspired clay dragon

Recently I started using the Dragon Naturally Speaking software to write. Well, to transcribe clunky first drafts, at least. But now I can do other things while writing at the same time. And I can do it faster!

I was so excited the first few days that I did laundry, dishes, workouts, cleaning, and even cooking while using Dragon with my laptop and dinky little headset microphone. I quickly ran out of things to do while ‘writing’ with my voice.

Then I got accepted as a featured author at the Texas Word Wrangler Book Festival, where they bus in children from local schools to visit the library and meet the authors. Well, my books are clean, yeah, but they aren’t meant for elementary-age kids. Ahem.

So I decided to try my hand at making clay dragons, since my buddy S.D. Grimm makes these adorable ‘Grimmlies‘ whenever she has time. She gave me some tips, and now I can dragon while I Dragon!

At first I took orders for custom-made dragons, where people could choose their colors, eyes, wings, etc. But I soon realized that focusing on meeting someone’s expectations and trying to write at the same time just doesn’t work for my brain. And because writing is more important, I’ve decided to just freestyle my own dragons whenever I feel like it and see if anyone will like them.

Here are the first four dragons I currently have in stock. They’re available for sale with free shipping on Etsy, or you can get them cheaper from my own webstore. I’m taking them to sell at a craft fair alongside my books this Saturday, so if you like one, grab it quick! Each one is uniquely handmade with love. 🙂