When I first started growing broccoli, I thought it might not be worth it to grow an entire plant just for one harvest: that big, bushy crown we’re used to buying in grocery stores.

But did you know that a broccoli plant will keep producing florets even after the main stem (the crown) has been cut? I’ve harvested several times more than just the original crown from each broccoli plant in the form of succulent off-shoots. They’re just as tasty!

This is “Premium Crop” broccoli, which is an heirloom variety. These were planted these in central Texas in the fall, harvested throughout the winter, and at the time of shooting this video, spring is beginning.

The first harvest of the crown was the biggest, but each subsequent harvest has been about half as big as the original. I’ve harvested the equivalent of at least 4 average-size heads of broccoli per plant.

Definitely worth planting, and highly recommended. Garden-grown beats grocery store hands-down—in every way—any day.

My kiddo at the end is 10 months old. She puts anything she touches in her mouth, so why not some garden-fresh broccoli? 🙂