arbiter-book-cover-6x9-temporary-230After nearly a year of blood, sweat, and tears, The Sentinel Trilogy Book 2: Arbiter is complete. It’ll make its first official debut on in early 2015, but first, it needs a good spit-shine!

Would you like to read the manuscript before it’s published and let me know what you think? It needs more polishing than Sentinel did, so I’ll be giving out beta reader invitations until December 31, 2014.


What’s a beta reader?

Beta readers read the rough draft of the book online before it’s all smoothed out and ready to be published. They leave comments at the end of each chapter, letting me know what they liked, didn’t like, and any errors they found.

In exchange, I autograph a first edition of the paperback when it’s released, just for you!

Let me read it!

To request an beta reader invitation, just send me a message on the Contact page, and you just might find yourself an email with exclusive access to the super-secret manuscript!