I’ve loved Enclave Publishing and adored its authors for years. As the premier publisher of Christian science fiction and fantasy novels, Enclave has produced some of my favorite stories since its inception.

Now I somehow got lucky enough to become their typesetter, so I get to work on epic stories from my friends and favorite writers including Kathy Tyers, S.D. Grimm, Nadine Brandes, Gillian Bronte Adams, Jill Williamson, and more!

I’m also taking on juicy graphic art projects and tackling some very exciting things for the future that I can’t reveal… but if you follow Enclave on Instagram or sign up for their email newsletter, you’ll be seeing some of my artwork very soon! Graphic art is my second love right beside writing, and I’m so blessed to be able to work at a place where three of my passions meet: sci-fi/fantasy, digital arts, and Jesus.

And as for my next book series, well… let’s just say I’ve got several pans in the fire. Stay tuned!