Matthew Mercer (left), every nerd’s favorite voice actor. Especially mine.

I’m going to make The Sentinel Trilogy into audiobooks! Sentinel is now accepting auditions at the Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX).

If you know any epic voice actors who would be willing to split the royalties with me 50/50, have them drop me a line. I’m hoping for a male voice for this series, but an awesome gal would be OK, too. Just anyone who can make Jet sound awesome without being Batman. I mean, Batman is my fave, but being able to understand words would be good.

Sorvashti can totally sound like Gal Gadot from Wonder Woman, though. Yes, please.

Or… if I can’t find any producers who fit the bill…

Does the idea of me trying to record the audiobooks myself make you cringe? It invokes a sort of excited nauesa in the pit of my stomach…

Hubby and I had a podcast back in the day, so I’m not a complete novice, but I’m definitely not a pro voice actor, either. Let’s be honest—I’d probably be recording in my closet next to the scarf rack. I’d get a good mic, at least.

What do you think? Do you enjoy books read by their authors or do you prefer professional voice actors?