Merry Christmas 2015

Christmas is my favorite holiday, hands-down. Cool weather, beautiful lights, giving weird gifts, and wassail… sure beats the snot out of August in Texas.

I’m spreading the holiday cheer this season by offering 30% off all of my autographed copies and .PDF ebooks. Yes, this even includes the pre-order of Sage with a free Serran feather bookmark!

All you have to do is use the code: merrychristmas at checkout. Enjoy!


Autographed paperbacks $12.99 $9.09


Book 1: Sentinel



Book 2: Arbiter



Book 3: Sage pre-order + free Serran feather bookmark


Autographed paperbacks: The Sentinel Trilogy full set pre-order $34.99 $24.49


The Sentinel Trilogy set pre-order + free Serran feather bookmark


.PDF ebooks $2.99 $2.09

Book 1: Sentinel     Book 2: Arbiter     Book 3: Sage pre-order