I’m a sucker for city-building games like Civilization. My hubby Keanan recently found and gifted me copy of the new game, Banished.

Big mistake. This game is just as time-warping as Civ, but it’s harder, much more diverse, and in my opinion, much more fun.

But now that I’m less than two months away from having our first kiddo, it’s great to take my mind off of how much of a beluga whale I am. Some days I wake up without really being able to think or walk straight… not the best time to work on the Arbiter manuscript.

So I was playing Banished the other day when I noticed a certain oddly-named child had been born in one of my frosty little digital homes…


I get mixed reviews on the character of Jet in Sentinel. Once you’ve finished the book, do you love him or hate him? Let me know in the comments below, or vote for your favorite character in this poll.