What’s cooler than steampunk and but warms the heart like a fairy tale? Why, steampunk fairy tales, of course!

I’m so excited to be included in the new short story collection, Steampunk Fairy Tales: Volume IIIWith a crew of awesome authors like my buddy Angela Castillo, this new book contains stories from light-hearted tinkering elves to rampaging iron minotaurs.

My story, The Elves and the Synth-Maker, is the first in the collection! 🙂

Clara would do anything to make her synth-limbs work for disabled soldiers—even spend her last coin on fairy ether. Now the elf who’s stealing Clara’s joyberries every night may reveal the secret of steam-tech… if Clara can catch her.

The book is launching today, so grab your copy for Kindle or paperback hot off the press!

Steampunk Fairy Tales: Volume III

Steampunk Fairy Tales: Volume III

eBook: $2.99

Nine captivating short stories combine the futuristic Victorian concept of steam and fashion with classic fairy tales.

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