Jamie’s concept art for Emberhawk. Sometimes she’s just gotta Photoshop.

Announcing Emberhawk

My latest manuscript, Emberhawk, is an epic fantasy that’s been floating around in my head since high school. It’s a clean, classic fantasy novel with a bit of romantic suspense, but since I’m hoping to release this series through a traditional publisher, I can’t say much more.

Unless you’d like to beta read it.

I’m looking for 10-20 people who read fast and love dragons and magic. The manuscript will be ready for the Beta Team in early December 2018, and beta readers will have 1 week to read it and leave their feedback. Then it’s off to the literary agent!

Kira didn’t mean to shoot Ryon, but he shouldn’t have used light-bending magic to sneak across the border. That pale mask means he’s a Tribal Alliance soldier, and the Empire pays a handsome reward for spies.

When Ryon’s escape plan goes up in flames, Kira is forced to choose: trust the snarky elementalist or get lost behind enemy lines.

You don’t have to know how to spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to be on the Beta Team. I’m just looking for enthusiastic fans to search for plot holes/character issues/stuff that doesn’t make sense, eagle-eyes to spot typos, and grammar ninjas to fire magic missiles into the darkness.

If you can plow through Emberhawk in time, keep secrets, leave plenty of feedback, and write an honest Amazon.com review on the launch date, you might be a perfect fit for Jamie’s Beta Team.

Beta Team members receive:

  • Exclusive early access to the rough Emberhawk manuscript via Google Drive/Google Docs
  • Your name mentioned in the Acknowledgements/Dedication section
  • A signed first-edition paperback of Emberhawk

Interested? Fill out the form below. Selected applicants will be emailed a Google Drive/Google Docs invitation to the manuscript as soon as it’s ready.

Only team members who finish reading on time, leave at least one comment per chapter, and write an Amazon.com review will have their name mentioned in the Acknowledgements/Dedication section and receive a signed first-edition paperback.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

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