One of my favorite things to do is help other authors with their careers. Books don’t sell themselves, ya know—most people nowadays would rather watch Netflix or play video games than read a book. (Don’t take it the wrong way, my gaming PC and Netflix… I love you.)

But since I’m writing full time now and not able to take on clients anymore (I used to be a webmaster and marketing specialist for HarperCollins Publishers before I resigned to learn the craft of writing), I get so many requests for help from both new and veteran authors. Should they try for traditional publishing or indie publish? Should they join KDP select or go wide? How do they format their books? What about marketing?

My good friend Angela Castillo and I felt a calling last year to write a new non-fiction series to help answer these questions and many, many more. Angela is an indie author who has sold tens of thousands of her novels and novellas while winning awards on the side. Between her indie savvy and my experience with traditional publishers, we hope that with our powers combined, maybe we could summon Captain Planet. I mean, maybe we could write an awesome series.

The Busy Mom’s Guide to Writing will release on March 30, so pre-order your copy here >>

Coming March 30, 2018

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Coming May 30, 2018

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