Art is entitled “Tigerlily” by Elentori on deviantart

Don’t worry, I’m absolutely going to finish writing Sage, and so far it’s going to be finished on time. But what happens afterward? Is there life after The Sentinel Trilogy?

Yes. Yes, there is.

Here are a few hints as to what my next novel will be like:

  • It will be a stand-alone novel (not a part of a trilogy or series).
  • It will be in the same universe as Sentinel, but thousands of years in the past.
  • The main character will be female.
  • It involve a war over the nation of Katrosi before it existed, between settlers from Malaan and fugitives from Illyria.

Can you guess what type of ‘magic’ will be present in this new story? Aether, elements, Serrans, or no magic at all?