Fantasy Read & Review Giveaway

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How'd you like to get some fantasy ebooks for free? All these authors ask is for an honest review when you're done reading their books. Just take your pick of this fantastical selection and request your review copy for Kindle, .PDF, or .EPUB for any other ebook reader. Pssst... my books Emberhawk and [...]

Steampunk Fairy Tales!

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"Steampunk" by vladimirpetkovic on What's cooler than steampunk and but warms the heart like a fairy tale? Why, steampunk fairy tales, of course!I'm so excited to be included in the new short story collection, Steampunk Fairy Tales: Volume III! With a crew of awesome authors like my buddy Angela Castillo, this new book contains stories from light-hearted [...]

Sentinel is now available in paperback

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The first installment in The Sentinel Trilogy, Sentinel, is now available in paperback. 300 pages of non-stop adventure, Sentinel already has a 5-star rating on But don't take my word for it... "This book is a wonderful read, grabbing the reader from the very first sentence and only tightening its grip as the story [...]

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