Shhh… I started a new story today

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Art is entitled "Tigerlily" by Elentori on deviantart Don't worry, I'm absolutely going to finish writing Sage, and so far it's going to be finished on time. But what happens afterward? Is there life after The Sentinel Trilogy? Yes. Yes, there is. Here are a few hints as to what my next novel will be [...]

Inspiration for the setting of Malaan

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My husband Keanan and I went on a cheap cruise to Mexico for our 5th anniversary in December 2013. It was our first 'real' vacation that we worked hard to save up for! I was captivated by the guacamole-loving iguanas, prolific reefs, and the ancient cenote of Dzibilchaltun... along with oppressive heat, mosquitoes, and [...]

Garrett and The Emperor’s New Groove

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Darien snarled and shoved him away. "Easy for you to be all gung-ho; your name is Kyou Hayate. 'Cause you look so Malaano." Garrett smirked. "Don't be jealous, Eugene. My third cousin's brother's wife's step-niece's great aunt was Malaano." excerpted from Sentinel ... twice removed. Sound familiar? I'm proud of you for recognizing the reference [...]

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