The epic sequel to Captive & Crowned is here, but it isn’t what you’d expect…

Selene has always been more suited to be an assassin than a lady. She’s been granted a mission that other assassins could only dream of: to kill King Alaric. Once he’s dead, the reward money will be enough to escape to a distant country. She soon discovers she’s being hunted by Draven, an assassin himself before he turned traitor. She must find and kill him or her life will be forfeit. But first, she has to find a way to evade her annoyingly handsome new guard.

To find the Scorpio assassin, Draven goes undercover as a personal guard to Lady Selene. Keeping his heart detached from the mission grows increasingly difficult as he develops an interest in Lady Selene. He hopes for both of their sakes that she isn’t the assassin he seeks. If so, he just might have to break his own heart in order to fulfill his duty to the King.

I had the pleasure of endorsing this book, which I highly recommend! My review:

“Fresh perspectives debut in Murderess by Moonlight with familiar faces and enchanting new locales. No one is trustworthy and everyone is deadly in this game of politics and love. A riveting sequel you won’t want to miss!”

If you haven’t read the first in the series, Captive and Crowned, treat yoself and pick it up.

— Jamie