A mysterious amulet leads Fallon to everything she’s ever wanted… and possibly her death.

After a lifetime with no knowledge of her parents, troubled 17-year-old Fallon Webb receives a necklace once belonging to her mother. The amulet leads her on a life-changing journey through a portal to a foreign land where she encounters unusual creatures, shape-shifters, and something she’s always longed for – family. 

In Ariboslia, Fallon learns her mother is alive. Vampire-like creatures have her, and many others, captive. Most distressing is the prophecy that devastated her family. Can she trust it? Because if it’s right, Fallon must destroy the vampires’ leader – her uncle – to rescue her mother and free her people from the threat.

Unprepared and afraid, Fallon sets out on the journey, with no skills to assist her quest and no other way home. In her travels, she learns about the one true God and how desperately she needs him. Perhaps, with his help, she’ll find a way to fulfill her destiny and stay alive.

If you’re a fan of Christian fantasy, the Ariboslia series (Astray, Adrift, and Aloft) is one for you.

Imaginative and enrapturing fantasy conceals tasteful allegory in a tale of trust and forgiveness. It has that classic epic feel with portals and vampires thrown in for good measure. If you grew up reading Pilgrim’s Progress and enjoyed it as much as I did, Astray could be your next favorite series. Highly recommended!

Happy reading!

— Jamie