Silverblood: The Katrosi Revolution book 2

Silverblood: The Katrosi Revolution book 2

$14.99 paperback, $34.99 hardcovereBook: $5.99

The Jade Witch sacrifices everything to save her people from one enemy—by forging an alliance with another.

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Today is the release day for Silverblood! If you’ve been anxiously awaiting the sequel to Emberhawk, today is your lucky day!

Grab a copy for Kindle or any other ebook reader, paperback, or hardcover from your favorite local bookstore (audiobook is coming soon)!

Or get a personalized autographed copy with epic swag for the same price when you click the SHOP button above!

The swag pack includes:

  • a tea-stained map
  • character art cards:
    • Kiralau
    • Ryon
    • Felix
    • Brooke – NEW with Silverblood!
    • Lysander – NEW with Silverblood!
  • an Emberhawk bookmark
  • a Katrosi Revolution series 1″ metal button
  • a handwritten note from the author with a wax seal

Purchase your signed paperback or hardcover with the swag pack here!

I hope you enjoy the story!! 🥳🎉