Silverblood e-ARCs now available

By |2021-06-23T10:10:10-06:00June 23rd, 2021|Blog|

Advance Release Copies (ARCs) of Silverblood are now available! It's finally happening, y'all! *screams in gryphon* e-ARCs will be given to reviewers and/or promoters only. If you're willing to leave a review on Amazon or you're a #bookstagram maniac, that means you! For your chance to be selected to receive a .PDF, .EPUB [...]

Sorry Fox is very sorry

By |2020-03-24T02:16:49-06:00March 24th, 2020|Blog|

Well... only 2 weeks have passed since Emberhawk's launch and I've already sold out of hardcovers and paperbacks for signing. I'm sorry!! I guess people just need the scent of real, physical books to snuggle with during this crazy quarantine. Noted for the next apocalypse. Let me try and make it up to you until [...]

ARC & Swag Pack Giveaway Winners!

By |2020-02-05T10:40:15-06:00February 5th, 2020|Blog|

Oh my goodness, there were so many awesome entries for the Emberhawk ARC Giveaway! Thank you all so much for your interest—I wish I could declare you ALL winners!! There were many influencers who won a digital copy, but I know how much more fun it is to post on your Instagram or [...]

Emberhawk Advance Release Copy (ARC) Giveaway + Excerpt

By |2020-01-25T16:36:51-06:00January 25th, 2020|Blog|

Getting excited for the release of Emberhawk on March 10? It's been so many years since I wrote the original draft (it must have been 5 years ago). Since then, it's gone through a developmental edit, a full re-write, EPIC alpha and beta teams, another comprehensive edit, a sudden addition of a new POV (I'm looking [...]

Get a free paperback of Viper with your honest review!

By |2017-02-25T21:41:12-06:00November 2nd, 2016|Blog|

Itching to get your hands on Viper, the prequel to The Sentinel Trilogy? Well now, Christmas is here early! Sorvashti is a captive. Jet is a soldier. Both harness the primal power of aether. The war is over, but the Revoth want their land back. Kidnapping, ransom, and slavery fund their terrorism, but bombing Jet’s [...]

Grab your FREE advance copy of Sentinel, quick!

By |2017-05-17T09:35:14-06:00September 16th, 2016|Blog|

We’re giving away ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) of Sentinel for FREE to the first 100 people who claim it! Those who download are asked to write an honest review on when they are finished reading. You gotta pinky promise! :) >> 100 people have already downloaded the Sentinel ARC. Sign up for the email [...]

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