Sorvashti’s name came about one summer when I worked as a photographer at a camp called Kanakuk. (By the way, the design of Jade Glen Serran Academy is based on the layout of the KAA3 campus—Kids Across America.)

Another camp staff member named Vashti was part of the medical staff. Every time I went to the cafeteria, Vashti was there, guarding her table of medicines and making sure they got to the right campers during meal times.

We became fast friends. I learned that she was Persian and that she had a beautiful young daughter named Soraya. Vashti was working at the camp so that Soraya could have a blast like people always do at Kanakuk.

Vashti struck me as a rare and beautiful person through and through. She was so open and honest, with a radiance that only comes from true joy. Even though she didn’t speak English with 100% accuracy, she was extremely intelligent and protective of the people under her care.

Sound familiar?