What is Jet Valinor named after? A color? A plane? Ooey gooey s’more deliciousness?

Ignoring the fact that I just like the name, Jet’s name refers to two things: his black hair and eye color, and his dark personality.

However, there’s nothing special about having black hair and eyes in Valinor; almost everyone does. There’s also nothing special about the name Jet itself, as it’s a common traditional Valinorian name.

“This isn’t technically a ‘plane.’ It’s a Caracal— a K-290 VTOL hybrid.” Jet pulled on the plastic, causing it to hug even tighter to his skin. “Of course I don’t know how to fly it. Do I look like a pilot to you?”

“Well, your name is ‘Jet’ after all!”

Jet and Darien bickering in Arbiter

Let me tell you, it’s strange to be writing a main character with a name that’s actually a word with multiple meanings. I hear ‘private jet’ and think, “Well, he is rather introverted.” And what’s jet fuel… maybe Gatorade?